Almost finished!! Tomos Bullet TT

Arterious /

I've had this 92 Tomos Bullet Top tank for a while now, pumped about $150 into it and quite a few hours I need two more parts befor i can call it finished and its driving me crazy =)

Had 2 busted brake handles, dead brakes, the brake cables weren't even attached, a dead fuel line, dead oil line, carb needed to be cleaned somthin fierce, both crank arms where bent INTO the engine and the previous owner was starting it like that so it has some NASTY scratch marks where they go around it, Both tire and innertubes where dead, one tube was actualy patched with ducktape, had a busted oil tank cap, missing the left grip, the throttle cable was screwed up, the top of hte carb where the throttle cable goes into was cracked from being screwed in to far, chain was toast, the idle screw head snapped off when i barely touched it, the front tire gaurd was bent to piss, they managed to crack the front casing over the light and then SOMEHOW put it on wrong i don't know how they managed that one they didn't even have the speedometer hooked up, the muffler was somehow flooded with oil, the thing was beaten to all hell it looks like they tried to use it as an offroad bike. and the screw holes on the chain gaurd where rusted to nothing.

Thats about everything that was dead on it, I currently have it all fixed up, looks alot better thats for sure, all the broken parts except for the chain and carb top have been replaced/fixed cleaned the carb/muffler/fueltank out. I had it running once after most of the work was done but i didn't wanna keep it going to long without the idle screw and the busted throttle piece, had to make sure it ran tho heh. 2 more parts and i can FINALY say its done, well after i check to make sure all the electrical parts. This is one hell of a way to be introduced to mopeds, this is the FIRST moped I have ever worked on, hell the first time I ever worked on anything with an engine even, =D If the darn thing works prorperly im gonna be surprised with myself heheh. All thanks to the good people on these boards and a BIG thanks to Ree, he was definatly the biggest help of em all hehe.

I'll make sure to take a pic of this thing and send it in when i get it all done, the photos section doesn't have this model tomos posted yet hehe

Re: Almost finished!! Tomos Bullet TT

chuck russo (va) /

i have a 87 tomos golden bullet ttlx and mine is in good shape, when i got it the coil took a shit, then the mechanic said it needed piston and rings, then the condensor and points got messed up and had to be replaced. so after i put 300 in repair bills it runs like a champ and i put a turbo pipe on it and i can get it at 40 downhill but my plastic pieces that go from the tank to the motor fell off cuz i put nut lock on them and it ate throught the plastic (thats what happens when u dont reed directions) i will try to take a picture of it and post it in the picture section

It's Alive...Aliiiiiive !!!...

Reeperette /

Arty, you've just qualified for the Herr Doktor Frankenstein award...

Tomos, like Kinetic, is a pain in the ass to shakedown or restore...but one you do so, and get it to an even keel on maintainence - you will find the damn thing near indestructable.

Forget the plastic bits, take them off and store em in your basement with some protectant on them, cause there just ain't no way they STAY attached for any real length of time, so save em to put back on and increase the value should you ever decide to sell it.

Run your mix at 43:1, obviously...(it says 50, but hedge your bets), and try to find some cheng-shin tires for it, the deliver stunningly good performance on Tomos.

Every 5 tankfulls of gasoline, add one teaspoon gas treatment, preferably one that will eat any water/condensate, cause the top-tanks have more of a problem with that, all in all.

Keep an eye on your chain tension as well, you don't want the chain getting lose cause part of the wiring harness is down near it and easily chewed up..(or just reroute the harness, like I do)..not to mention a loose chain wears your sprockets faster, etc.

If you live in an area where you might need to clout someone, swap your brake handles so that the rear brake is on the throttle hand, leaving your left free to do the clouting without concern for throwing yourself over the handlebars when you tap the brakes one-handed.

And, finally, some items of interest if yer gonna run that puppy all winter (like I do).

First, the old Tomos bullets WILL start, in up to -20...I've done it, hell, once cracked a half-inch of ice, from frozen rain, off the controls and then started it.

Keep all the metal well lubed, even if it looks iccky as hell, hose it with Wd-40, smear it with 10w40, doesn't really keeps the salt and snow from eating into it and causing a rust problem....especially the exhaust or underside, and yeah, the exhaust will smoke cause of that, but better that than replacin it come spring.

Do NOT ride in the snow with the stock tires, it's suicide...damn things have virtually NO tread on them worth a damn, make sure you have Cheng-shins, or at least something decent on there.

And if you want real traction, go to your local hardware store and buy 50 feet of flat-linked ornamental brass chain in 1/2"'ll need that much.

Works like this, cut off about 3-4 feet for each wheel and wrap it round and round, tire rim and all, and secure it with small S-hooks....because it's soft brass, it won't chew up yer tires or tear up your rims, tho it may scratch the paint up some.

Done right, that'll last about two days worth of riding if yer a throttle-gorilla like me (urggh,huurggh, fasta, fasta...) or about four if yer more rational in yer riding habits.

That's why you buy 50 feet worth of it....and done right, it digs in like a shovel, I've gone up a 30 degree incline covered in snow and pack ice with that rig without a hitch, while laughing at all the cars that had slid sideways and hung up on the curb tryin to get up there..heh, take that cagepushers.

Oh yah, and snow gives more traction than ice, so if you gotta choice, nail the snow, even if it slows ya down, even ice that's been salted/sanded gives less traction than loose snow (avoid the packed stuff, hittin that at 30mph is no better than curb-jumpin, and about as dangerous...)

And if ya need any more advice than that, just lemme know.


Re: It's Alive...Aliiiiiive !!!...

Arterious /

cheng-shin are the tires i already ordered and put on it hehe

As to the snow thing, I USED to live in Maine but i currently live in Florida so no worries on snow, although I plan to move back up eventualy, I was born here in FL but eh, i just love the cold and hate the heat. I know all about driving in snow too hehe, I lived in Greenville at the head of moosehead lake, average amount of snow in my front yard was about 5-6 feet SUSTAINED hight, I had to shovel a 30 foot 45 degree angle driveway and drive up it and the damn cheap arse plows up there used maybe a PINCH of salt for every ton of dirt grumbles hehe anyway thanks for the info man goes and perches next to the mail box waiting for the parts

Quick Snicker on Winter riding.

Reeperette /

In Baltimore they have salt trucks with a thrower arm that slings it to the other side of the road, and they throw a LOT of it.

I made the mistake of passing one on the other side of the road and assumin he'd turn that cursed thing off when I passed....more fool me, man...gettin hit by a cloud of flyin rocksalt about cleaned my clock, knocked me silly, got under the wheels and dumped my 'ped too...I was furious, for about 30 seconds having visions of chasing him down and force-feeding him his cargo....but aw hell.

It wasn't funny then, but it's DAMN funny now.

Quick hint, when you see the salt truck comin...DUCK.


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