anyone own a hero-majestic?

hey, i've had my H-M pacer since 96 and i'm just now tuning it up. Drilling out the carb. as well as changing the sprocket sizes. and probably messing with the clutch. If any one has any more suggestions on adding power to it let me know.

Re: anyone own a hero-majestic?

what do you mean by drilling out the carb? be carefuly you don't wreck it ...

Re: anyone own a hero-majestic?

i mean adjusting the amount of fuel and air that go through the carberater.

Re: anyone own a hero-majestic?

unless you really know what you're doing ... don't drill anything for that purpose. you can take out the jet and get another size jet. that's all you need. or get a larger carb.

basically, describe exactly what you are doing. it so far sounds like a really really bad idea.

Re: anyone own a hero-majestic?

I own one with only 70 miles on it,but it's only good for 25mph or so and the quality is only average compared to the Italian bikes of old.I like the looks,though.

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