Is he serious?

check out this auction on ebay - this dumbass wants 2 grand for this supposedly "mint condition" harley moped. ruyght.

Re: Is he serious?

Show me where you could buy one for less. It's called Supply and Demand. Same reason crappy pizza costs 15$ a slice at the drive-in theater.

Personally, I've not seen one of those before, so it probably is rare. I do agree with you about the "mint" condition. It does not look "mint".

Do you remember the Tomos (for I think 3000?) That was no way worth 3g's cause you could actually go buy one and do those same mods and have the same bike.

I was wondering, it says that harley is under 200cc, but it may not even be moped class. It looks a bit big for 49cc.

Re: Is he serious?

Wayne, they did make one, a guy here was tring to sell it to me, but it was covered with rust, I was scared to make a offer! Doug D.

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