1979 Honda Express II

Brad Moulton /

Hi all! I was wondering if someone could tell me what a 1979 Honda Express in EXELLENT ++ Condition would be worth. It's got 500 miles on it.



Re: 1979 Honda Express II

I paid about 400 for one of that same year. It was WELL WORTH IT!!.

it was an awesome moped. Nearly mint, 350 miles. I beat it hard and never maintained it and it still lasted almost 3 years.

Watch out for carb trouble, that seems to be why most of 'em die. I wouldn't pay more than 500, but I'd prolly drop as much as 450, based on my past experience.

A guy I know named Kyle, locally has an express he might be parting out, if you do buy the one you're talking about.

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