big bore kits for tomos

i was wondering do you get more speed or more power with the big bore kits?

how fast can you go with a 60cc kit and a 27 tooth sprocket?

how bout 70cc and 27 tooth sprocket? thanks i have a 2000 sprint

Re: big bore kits for tomos

SteelToad /

With 70cc, 27 tooth, and biturbo, I get 55 (60 with the wind at my back)

Re: big bore kits for tomos

Reeperette /

Just a quick question, given how much they want for the damn jets, dude....

What jet size and which plug are you runnin in that ?

Might as well only buy one damn jet for it....


Re: big bore kits for tomos

SteelToad /

The jet is whatever came with the amal carb. I'm not sure but I've read some folks

saying it was a 45. As for the plug, it's the one that came with the bike from Tomos.

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