mounting a honda ns 50 motor on tomos

chuck russo (va) /

my friend is selling his 1990 honda ns 50cc mini sport bike for like 300 bucks its liquid cooled and it tops out around 65-70 and i am thinking about buying and possibly mounting it on my 87 golden bullet lx if not i will just ride it as it is

i know if i decide to mount i will have to rigg it up majorly but i am wondering how hard is it going to be? i can weld and im not bad at fixing things and can rigg almost anything to work

Re: mounting a honda ns 50 motor on tomos

Reeperette /

It can be done, I am sure....hell, the only thing holding the stock engine and trans on there is three bolts and some sheet metal.

Me...imma convertin an A3/A5 to a true A35, we'll see...


Re: mounting a honda ns 50 motor on tomos


If you don't end up buying it, I've wanted one for a long time. I'd be willing to trade you one of my bikes too. Lemme know.

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