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I just got ahold of a tomos moped that someone had tried to fix. I have undone most of what the did to fix it and it will now run. I tried to find some info on how much transmission fluid to put into a Tomos Targa. I had seen a post earlier that had stated 220cc's of motor oil. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Also, it starts to wine in first gear as I get up to 10mph is this a fluid problem or just a worn out 1st gear. I had taken a look at the gear when I had it of (I had to flip the roller bearings over, the person that had tried to fix it had installed them backwards so that when you puched it, the engine was engaged. When you cranked it. The motor just spun). The grear looked OK.

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InfectedBootSector /

I just fill my Puch up to where it starts to pour out of the filler hole and put the screw back in. I use ATF Type 'F' in my tranny.

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Reeperette /

220 cc's ( or ML ) of Fluid, and there's a coupla choices.

There's a level screw in the side, you can just pull it and fill till it starts to dribble.

Supposedly Dexron ATF is better, but I do not care for it - I use straight motor oil.

As for the "Whine" in first gear ?

Tomos mopeds simply make that noise, it's neither a fluid problem nor a worn gear, they make it brand new, and they make it thousands of miles later - mine still makes it at 21,000-someodd miles.

Any more hassles with it, just ask...


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Thanks guys.

I had filled to the plug in the side but was a little worried about the wining. I had found severa things that were in backwards and fixed them but was a little worried about that noise.

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i have a tomos 1989 golden bullet ttlx im haveing the same problem withh 1st to 2nd gear ive tried every thing i havent takin it apart yet though if you find anything out e mail me back thanks

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