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Hello moped army fans, i have a Garelli Katia moped made in 1972. I have put all new engine oil in it, put in a new spark, mixed the fuel in the tank etc. As it is a pedal start moped i have to pull a wire to engage the clutch in the gearbox then the pedalling gets stiffer and then it fires. Trouble is it has a very weak chugging sound and as soon as i stop pedalling it cuts out?? I can find no other alternitive to this problem other than someone said the spark isnt sparking but it is, the other thing was to clean the carburettor. I have never done up a moped before so im not sure how to clean it. Someone told me to adjust some screws, i did and its still the same. Can anybody help???

Thanks Thomas

Re: How????

this may sound dumb ... but ... do you have the on/off switch marked to "run"? it sounds like you don't.

Re: How????

also, i posted detailed instructions for cleaning a dellorto carb in another post. check for it ... not sure where now.

but it really sounds like you have everything but the on switch. i do it frequently enough ... i get ready to go home ... and suddenly my bike won't start .... i begin to panic, before realizing i have to switch it to "run". doh!

Re: How????

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I did that the other day. I went to the store to get some creamer for my coffee and when I came out, i pushed it like i normally do, then i popped the clutch. I got nothing. I started to freak out, then I realized. Duh Chris, the run switch was off! It happens to the best of us!

Re: How????

Ron Brown /


Lets here it for the Motobecane "AFLAC Duck". You can't leave that switch off.


Re: How????

Thomas... there is an extensive guide for fixing your ped here.

Click on 'resources' above.. then 'articles'... then "How to Fix yer Moped"

Don't be intimidated by it .. follow the steps in the beginning to get it to run.

Re: How????

yep, fred's guide has saved my moped many a time. it's like holy moped scripture to many people. ;-)

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