Motobecane Clutch

Ok, I'm getting smarter while bulding this basket case Motobecane motor out of two motors. The guy who tore the things down was nice enough to provide the crank seals, gaskets, etc.

Apparently one of the motors is pre-1978, and one is post 1978. I have a Dimoby and a Variator clutch. The Variator is still mounted to the crank of one of the motors, and I can't get it off. The clutch tool is apparently ont available, and I don't want to risk damaging the clutch by pounding on it.

Anyone have any neat ideas about removing the clutch from the crank without the proper tool? Also, if I just used the fixed Dimoby clutch would I be sorry that I didn't use the Variator?

I'm an old Harley Rider, retired Metropolitan police motorcycle cop, and I guess I'm entering my second childhood because all I want to do is fool with mopeds and scooters these days......I have five of 'em, all running except the Motobecane, and it will be!

Re: Motobecane Clutch

I read in an older post that you need an impact wrench to remove the clutch. At least, I think thats what it is called. Just do a search on motobecane and select all dates. Its in there somewhere.

Re: Motobecane Clutch

Ron Brown /


You need a puller to get the clutch off. The lywheel will come off with an impact but it is a left hand thread.


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