motobecane carb

i have a 77 motobecane 50V and its not running good at all. One thing it might be i think is there is no top gasket on the carb. Is that an important part, will it get a vaccum leak there without it?

Re: motobecane carb

Andrew Spoering /

Are you talking about the figure 8 gasket? If so, you're probably not only losing vaccum, but leaking gas like crazy also. I just rebuilt a '77 50v carb, and replacing that gasket helped matters a lot. There's a great exploded diagram at, and you can order you parts direct from them.

Re: motobecane carb

Do you mean the float bowl gasket or the seal to the intake pipe?If it's trhe seal to the intake pipe,that's a definite problem.It would probably run really bad with all that air bypassing the carb.Not good for your engine,either.

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