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<HTML>Does anyone know where I can find plans to build a moped/goped/motorscooter/motorized bike? I really have little $ to spend, so it would help if the plans were free. Thank you for even reading this, and thank you a ton if you answer.</HTML>

RE: building a moped

<HTML>Check this site for ideas:


RE: building a moped

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<HTML>There is no easy way or else someone would have already done it. You have to be very smart and resourceful to do it on your own. Kits cost $600.</HTML>

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I have wanted to bulid a moped for a long time and i finally did. It runs good and was very cheap, a little over 200, but it took a lot of planning. If you want some ideas email me.

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i have built a motorized mountain bike

if you give me your e mail address i'll send you photos of it.

its very cheap to build the frame can be built from parts that will add up to about $20. you can also get a free motor to save money i got mine in the back of sears by the lawn mower repair area. they trash all motors that they cant start but with some time you can revive one.

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if you guys know anything about that, maybe you would know where I could get a complete tomos a35 engine, because I'm having a very hard time finding a 70cc kit for my 1990 targa lx, due to the fact that it has the a3 engine, which does not have reeds. I was thinking about just buying the a35 speed kits, but the carb is hard enough to fit in there as it is, with reeds it might not be possible. and if you do know of one, would it mount up the same as the a3 engine?

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im trying to make a motor bike just like you did. what did u use for the motor and everything? i was thinking of using a weedwacker for the motor but im not sure. help would be really thanked


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Zachary Dudar /

hell, im going a step further... im building my own engine from scratch! im just in the design stage currently, but after i build it, im going to build a stretch chopper style frame. a word of advice, when building frames go as simple as possible, there are a ton of things that can go wrong, risking your neck!

Re: building a moped

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talk about reviving old threads

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