I need Moto Guzzi help

Ok, 2 weeks a go i bought a moto guzzi moped. I know that it is 50 cc, has a G2 symbol to the left of the petals and has been made in 1980, co-manufactured by seimm. I really need to know some important things like fuel/oil ratio, maximum payload, spark plug type and other usefull information. If anyone knows any info please email me, Thanks!


Re: I need Moto Guzzi help

If you could post a picture of it we might be able to help you.Maybe someone knows something but I looked in the photos of this site and www.moped2.org and only saw an older model.Anyway,it looked more like a 1970 than a 1980.Post a picture if possible,O.K.?

Re: I need Moto Guzzi help

I have a 1976 Moto Guzzi Robin. If you post a pic I can tell you if it's the same as mine, in which case I know almost anything you need to know. I also have an owner's manual. My email is Popeye6587@hotmail.com. Glad to help, I have never seen another Moto Guzzi moped.

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