Tomos Wiring Diagram!

I know i posted about this before but i didnt get one then and im hoping to now. i want to hook up the lights on my targa so i can ride at night and in traffic. does anyone have a A35 wiring diagram that they can scan for me or know of a site that has one. thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Tomos Wiring Diagram!

Hi Matt, You may ck Continental cycle known as mopedjunkyard, they have some online, or I can snailmail you one, or (ha!) mopedwarehouse will scan you one for the asking, best to call toll free (877)268-6909 Good Hunting! Doug D.

Re: Tomos Wiring Diagram!

Steeltoad /

Don't make the same mistake I made. If you are going to use aftermarket car type lights, remember that the housing for the light is grounded and will screw up your electrical system. I had to use some nylon bolts to isolate them. Nice and bright though.

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