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I'm in the process of rescuing my first moped. The wiring looks as if it has been messed with so I wanted to make sure everything was patched correctly. I have used Jim C.'s Vespa Grande wiring diagram from a few posts down and followed most of the wires to their proper positions but I am having TROUBLE LOCATING THE H.T. COIL. Can someone tell me where it would be? I figured it was down between the pedal area but I followed the violet wire from the engine stop on the handlebars to the headlight enclosure. Could it be up there beneath the plastic enclosure? I also know it would be easy to follow the wire off of the sparkplug to find it-- but the ped came without a sparkplug or a sparkplug cap and wire. Ugh I know, I'm green at this. But hey my moped is green too. Sorry that was bad.


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High tension coil is usually above the Magneto/flywheel on the same side,about or near the heavy frame pipe and is sometimes bolted to a bracket.You really should get a `shop manual' for this bike.It's usually not far from the Magneto.Miguel or Jim can tell you EXACTLY where it is.

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Here is a parts diagram for the Grande. The coil is part #23 and the bracke is #32. they are attached together on the right side of the engine carrier towards the front of the engine. It's a very visible item with one wire coming to it and the sparkplug lead coing out of it.

Hope it helps



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Chris S (vespista) /

Here's the wiring diagram for the Si. I've got the wiring diagrams for many of the other Vespas if anyone needs them.


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Wow. Thanks a million guys. Jim, I know beggers can't be choosers but if you could post the key so I can go through and check the parts by the numbers that would be wicked awesome. Thanks again guys, you rock!

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Sorry Rob. that's the way it came. It was posted on a moped site somewhere.


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thanks for posting those things, guys! rock on. i'm sure lots of people will be helped by them (including me).

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<thanks for posting those things, guys! rock on. i'm sure lots of people will be helped by them (including me).>

You're welcome, miguel.

They'll help more than any more posts about "How do I make my moped go faster?"


Re: Vespa Si Wiring Diagram


Do you have a diagram for my Vespa Bravo 50ccm (European type) to ?

I will be very happy if you mail it to!!!

BW Karsten

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