Anyone own a NU50?

Philip Illman /

If you do, I need info about wiring.

I have a second-hand knackered NU50MC missing its ignition switch.

I need to know the internal connections of the switch in its various positions so that I can choose a replacement switch.

Re: Anyone own a NU50?

That's a Honda,right? To hedge your bet,go to `resources' on this site and click it,then click `links' and scroll down to `Moped Net'.Clibk it and then scroll down to `EXPRESSLY MOPEDS' and you may find some info. there.

Re: Anyone own a NU50?

On the Express NC50 I got 4 wires to switch, black,red,green,and black with white stripe.

To make it run join the black and red, To make it stop join green and black with white stripe. Hope this helps


Re: Anyone own a NU50?

Philip Illman /

Thanks guys.

The plug that is 'sposed to go in the ignition switch has 6 wires - the four Scott mentioned plus two black w/ red stripe.

I'll give the Expressly Mopeds site a go and let you know how I get on.

Not a lot of luck

Philip Illman /

The Whiz at Expressly Mopeds reckoned he had the answer but the wiring sounds nothing like mine.

Re: Anyone own a NU50?

Ron Brown /


I am not familiar with an NU50, however, if you are willing to follow your wires and try to figure out wher they go, here are some possibilities.

The off position, in which you can remove the key, disconnects everything.

The next position turns on ignition and possibly head and tail lamps if you have full time running lights.

If you do not have full time running lamps, the next position turns on ignition and head and tail lamps.

The last position, in which you can also remove the key, turns off the ignition and headlamp but connects the tail lamp as a parking lamp (only if you have a battery as standard equipment).

You should also call all your local Honda shops and see if any of them have a schematic or can order a new oem switch for you.


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