Tomos Sprint Leaks Gas

My 99 Tomos has a brand new carb float and needle and valve and it still leaks fuel all over the place from time to time.

I have a really cheap way to fix mine. I just pick up the front end, and drop it. Two or three times, and the leak stops like magic. I guess im knocking the float loose or something.

I found out when it pissed me off after the 130 dollar repair resulted in a repeat perfomance. I see no other adverse effects from the pounding, and will keep an eye out for anything shaking loose. I think its insane that a brand new moped acts like this, even after a repair. Now, could be a shoddy repair, but it is a reputable shop and the guy is recommended. Other than this, the bike runs great and only has 555 km. on it.

Anyone else ever heard of this?

Re: Tomos Sprint Leaks Gas

You will blow the headlight if you keep doing it that way.

Re: Tomos Sprint Leaks Gas

Reeperette /

>>Anyone else ever heard of this?<<


The little widget hooked up to the float that pushes up, vertically into this little hole (it has a little triangle-shaped rubber piece on the end) is prolly getting stuck.

That means either a bit of crud, the pin holding the float might be loose or (and I've seen this) the float might be either incorrect, on in some really screwed up cases...upsidedown, althought I doubt that in this one.

Take the float bowl off, and clean out the hole that weird little pin-thingie goes into, that should do the trick - a lotta folks miss that when cleanin a DelLorto carb.


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