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<HTML>I'm looking for the airfilter/screen and housing that attched to the carb of a 1978 motobeacne 50. Having no luck with most of the online shops. Especially this place in Florida that wants $8.50 shipping for a tiny damn fuel valve. Also looking for engine covers preferably black. Thanks. Check out my Motobecane manual website at <A HREF=""></a></HTML>;

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thanx for posting a site with a manual, very cool. I couldn't find an air filter either so I did the next best thing, I bought a couple pair of pantyhose and cut them, then I used a hose clamp and fastened the pantyhose to the air intake. It works graet for me.</HTML>

RE: motobcane parts

Shaun Strahm /

<HTML>Motobecane parts are scarce and air boxes and side panels are the first things to get lost. Call Myrons Mopeds at 714-992-5591 for the links to the last MB OEM parts in the US. I used to get $20 for an air box and $20ea for side panels in 1985 when there were still some around.</HTML>

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