stolen moped in maryland

mat rieger /

hello, im sad to announce that my moped was stolen about a month ago from burger king in hampstead md, it is a green 94 targa with black plastic guards. if anyone has any info please email me!!!!

Re: stolen moped in maryland

get a posse and hunt it down. although a month is a long time ... i'm sorry for you. hope you find it.

Re: stolen moped in maryland

InfectedBootSector /

Bastards! Theives need to be beat down!

Maryland is full of them!

Re: stolen moped in maryland

Bastards...I live in Carroll County Maryland. Ill keep an eye out for your ped. I hope you get it back.

Trac Man

Thoughts on Theives

I'm not so worried about someone stealing my moped and using it on the road. I'm certain I could find them. In Maine, we have a lot of campgrounds and trailer parks. If someone brought my moped to one of those places, for off-road use, I doubt I'd ever find it.

I'm suprised, because when reading about the k-mazoo thefts, usually, it sounds like the culprit is riding around in the same area as the moped was stolen.

We know theives aren't that bright, but c'mon. Don't ride it in the same area you stole it from. Geez.

so, Matt, like they say-- use your eyes, ears, and friends to locate your moped. Hopefully, it's not in the woods at someone's camp and you'll get it back.

I'm currently without a moped. It's a terrible thing.

Re: Thoughts on Theives

I can't imagine! I lock mine in my garage.

Re: Thoughts on Theives

chuck russo (va) /

on sunday i caught to people trying to steal my moped from my driveway, im glad my dog was outside and went balistic befor they could start it. if they would have taken it i would have let my dog off the runner (hes a old pitbull)


Reeperette /

REPOST (Older Post pasted here)

Hereya go folks, gadgets to make sure your ped stays YOURS.

No Reccommendation.

Bunch of sneaky Brits, but good at it, this is more complex stuff.

Model # TT7K is a personal Fav, $40.00 worth of real security.

Page three also has a handy thing fer keepin hands OFF yer 'ped.

I use Model # Charge1K myself, but it's a bit, umm..extreme for campus use.

Alarms are prettymuch ignored in this day and age of car alarms, tracking devices are much handier, most moped thieves don't go far....and as for preventing vandalism one of those zappers does a nice job of keeping hands off.

(Pity the doggie that lifted a leg on my ped a couple nights ago, but then, that's why they have leash laws..)

You shouldn't use common chain, it's just too easy to bust, I reccommend heavy aircraft or elevator cable (home depot has it !) and a pin-across lock, which looks like this.





But on-campus the most effective defense of yer wheels is an "example" or two of what happens to folks who mess with your moped...a little of that will go a long way.


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