PA50 decompression lever: why??

I just got a honda PA50 II moped. Does anyone know what the purpose of the decompression lever is?



Re: PA50 decompression lever: why??

XBrandon EdgeX /

THe decompression lever just makes it easier to turn the engine over. You're supposed to pull the lever, start pedalling, then let go of the lever once you have your engine turning fast enough.

Re: PA50 decompression lever: why??

i have a pa50 too and i never even use the lever. it works fine without it. i just put on the choke and peddle about 3 times and she starts up.

Re: PA50 decompression lever: why??

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, it all depends on the bike. My friend has a vespa SI (vespas and honda pa50s have similar drive systems) and he can start it without the decompression lever, but I can't get my vespa grande to even turn without pulling the decompression lever.

Re: PA50 decompression lever: why??

dito on my grande.

decompress and push start

Is what I do... I stand on the left side... pull in the decompression lever... then take about 3 steps to get the motor spinning... then I hop on and release the decomp lever... and it fires off and I go.

my pedal crankshaft was bent... I straightened it twice.. it bent again just from pedaling... so I removed the pedals and pedal crankshaft.

The less parts the better.. as far as I am concerned.

The guy from the UK with the Honda Camino (PA50) who posted the racing movies here did the same... push start.

removing the pedals also stops the pedals from hitting the ground while cornering... it caused a crash for me one time.

Re: decompress and push start

i've been using it to get my pa50 to run a little better. after riding a bit, if she doesn't have the same power i pull the lever and she's better. but some people have told me this is really bad for her, and i plan on fixing the problem sometime, i guess i have to decarbonize something.

Re: decompress and push start

Ron Brown /


Are you the one with the pyrotechnic decompression lever?


Re: decompress and push start

yeah, that's me. i'll probably get it fixed next spring, since she's going into storage pretty soon.

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