What is the best two stoke oil to use

Crisis--cincinnati /

Does it matter what type/brand of 2 stroke oil you use in your moped? I usually just buy what ever is in the lawn mower section of the hardware store. Where do you get synthetic, and how does it effect your moped, compared to non synthetic? Is there a performance difference between the two?

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Reeperette /

Not that I've ever noticed...Although I prefer not to mix brands...and it especially a good idea not to mix synthetic and non-synthetic...cause, as Ron (I think) said...they don't mix.

Generally, the stuff they put in outboard motors does a nice job,...and for the life of me I've never noticed any difference in performance with a moped dependant on whether yer usin synthetic or not.


Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

thanks for the input!

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Ron Brown /


I never said that because I have never used synthetic, but thats ok, it seems someone reasonable did recently.

About outboard oil. I have no problem using an oil that says motorcycles, lawnmowers, outboards, etc., but I never buy an oil designed for outboards only. I have no good reason for doing this other than outboards run at a much lower temp than the average air cooled engine so maybe the oil is formulated differently.


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Dead on,Ron! Some outboard oils won't stand up to the heat for the reason you stated.I read up on Pennzoil Marine Synthetic and it will cover a `peds reqs. and then some at 50:1.But I still mix 40:1.I think Fred swears by the regular Pennzoil 2-cycle oil.It says motorcycles on it,I think,among a lot of other applicatrions.

Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

i'm a valvoline guy myself. i like the small half pint containers they make. ;-)

Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

i'm a valvoline guy myself. i like the small half pint containers they make. ;-)

oh, on the outboard motor tip. i was told not to use it if it was for water cooled outboard engines. since mopeds are not water-cooled, it would probably be very bad to run that kind of oil. i used to use it, and never had any complaints. but i'm more careful now.

2 stroke oil

I am not picky on oil.

I am cheap.

I generally buy Citgo from Meijers (like a Walmart or K-Mart) for about $1.79 a quart.

It says on the label that it is "Outboard Engine Oil" and that it meets the "boating industry specs"... and is for use in other 2 strokes with injection OR premix... and is good for chainsaws, motorcycles, snowmobiles, outboards and lawn equipment.

And I firmly believe that it is just as good as the fancy racing 2 stroke oils.

(actually... I believe its identical to some of them.. just a different label)

Or... I will buy 2 stroke oil from any gas station I happen to be at when I need it if I forgot to bring some.

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That's the good thing about the Pennzoil Marine synthetic Miguel; It covers ALL applications ,even water-cooled.I have had NO trouble with carbonization over several thousands of miles. And I hate to tell you this,but we fight the battle with Ashland Oil down here in Ohio(They're only 60 mi. from me).They are very lax about quality control,and I wouldn't put Valvoline in a lawnmower.I can't tell you how many fuel oil furnaces I've seen foul up on their heating oil.The boss would say:`Don ,go to so and so's and repair his pump or put on a new nozzle,or de-gunk his tank,etc.',and there I'd go to supply Ashland's deficiencies just so my boss could add so and so to his list of new customers.I DO TEND to generalize,Miguel,and I generally regard Ashland as an inferior product.HOWEVER,I haven't used their 2-stroke oil and I hope it's okay for you if you continue using it.My favorite company MARATHON recently bought Ashland and I've been hoping that Marathon's strict quality control practices rub off on Ashland.

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i'm not generally picky either. but i like the small size of two-stroke they sell at the grocery store down my street. and i don't like to switch brands ... so i buy the small container of valvoline outboard whenever i can. but i know it doesn't really matter.

Picky and proud of it.

That's what haulin' high quality oil will make you.I remember putting 30W Valvoline(supposedly)in one of my troweling machines one day.(WINCE HERE):I usually used Marathon 30W but I was in a jam and needed an oil change because I had let it go too long.I ran the machine an hour or so on a hot day(seems like they're all hot when your pourin' concrete for a living.) I checked the oil to make sure the laborer had put enough in it.It dripped off the cap like water.NO viscosity! The Marathon always had what I called `feel' to it,that slick feeling,but the valvoline had none of it.`Fool me once,shame on you'......you know the rest.

Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

Ron Brown /


I can see that you are a discerning enthusiast like myself and ther aren't many of us left.

I'm still working my way through 5, quart cans (really) of "Full Bore" 2 cycle oil that were given to me by someone who had convinced himself that using straight 30 weight was better.

Even if he had not given me the oil, there was no way I could have convinced him otherwise. Hey, when you know, you know, don't confuse me with facts!


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I prefer synthetic. It's ashless and smokeless, leaves less carbon and sludge deposits in the engine and exhaust. One of the first things I noticed was that the spark plug life expectancy increased greatly.

Honda makes a synthetic racing oil in a dark blue can. Suzuki also makes a synthetic two-cycle oil in a gold can that is clear in appearance. I use either.

Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

Crisis--Cincinnati /

The question still remains, which is better, synthetic or non?

Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

There's no simple answer.If you're like Fred and Ron,you're satisfied with what you're using and there's no proving them wrong.If you're willing to pay the extra dough,you may become convinced of synthetic's superiority.You can search and get some answers on the AMSOIL web site with some statistics,but remember,they're prejudiced `cause they sell the product.You see,when you dilute that oil into the gas,you are introding a `wild card' to the lubrication statistics that could only be controlled in a rigid INDEPENDENT study.Whether you use Fred's Citgo or my Pennzoil synthetic,you can be sure we wouldn't use them if they weren't satisfactory oils.By the way,Fred,I apologize for mistakenly saying you swore by Pennzoil,when you actually said Citgo.That's middle-age senility creeping up I guess.

Splitting hairs

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggghhh !!!!!!

I swear I am never gonna write this shit again !!!!

I am guessing you are young... right?

Well let me tell you something that you night not realize... Because of the onward marching progress of technology... all motor oils and 2 stroke oils (synthetic or non-synthetic (mineral)) sold nowadays are very good... let me repeat... VERY GOOD.

All of them!

With the use of computers and advancing chemistry and testing procedures... all these products have reached levels WAY better than say 20 or 30 years ago.

All 2 stroke oils are LOW ASH (which 'shotgun' above claimed was an advantage of synthetic oil only... wrong... all 2 stroke oils are low ash now).

And they ALL give great lubrication.

And resist breakdown at high temps.

All resist 'gumming up' the piston rings.

And... don't be fooled by one thing... there is only 1 plant in this country making antifreeze (or was as of 4 years ago)... so many "antifreeze companies" buy it and put their label on it... but its the same stuff.

So ...if you see 5 oils being sold on your stores shelf... they might only come from 2 places.

I have run the cheap stuff because I have become convinced it is the SAME PRODUCT as the expensive brands... just at a cheaper price (with no advertisement budget).

As far as synthetic versus mineral... I can give you evidence from my own useage in high HP 2 stroke racing motorcycles that the "cheap stuff" mineral oil performs very well.. with long piston life, good lubrication, low ash at one third to one half the money.

I took my YZ250 motor apart after 130 hours of hard running time on the "cheap mineral" oil.... it was beautiful inside... perfect... I could not imagine how a synthetic would be any better than 'perfect'.

20 years ago synthetic was a lot slipperier than mineral... but not nearly so much anymore.

So.. it is all good stuff.

But the synthetic costs 3 times as much.

I have seen no proof that it is any better.

Re: Splitting hairs

Fred! Are you into that coffee pot again?Get the sphygmomanometer out and check that blood pressure.Us `ol guys gotta be careful.By the way,I like Sanka with no synthetic additives.Of course I need mineral oil every once in a while for purely `physics' reasons.


I am really quite calm... I have some of the lowest blood pressure of most people i know (or used to... been awhile).

The funny thing though... is I HAVE started drinking coffee now that the cooler weather is here.

I don't drink it in summer

And I am getting wound up from it.. and drinking it too late at night... it hits me like hard drugs... ZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!... and I am buzzing for hours.

Re: Coffee

See Fred! It takes one to know one.I love a good,fresh cup of coffee in cool weather too.I usually hit it pretty good right before I go on a long moped trip,and again that evening when I'm a little tired coming back.Got to go make some now as a matter of fact,`cause I gotta watch this nuclear stuff all night! But I get off for 4 days starting at 7am! YiPPEEEE !

Re: Coffee

Oh,and Fred,I hate to admit it but I'm glad you drink it late sometimes `cause it keeps you up maybe and gives me someone to talk with.But I know it's not good practice to drink it late.Unless you're doing what I'm doing on the night shift for 12 hrs.(;>)

Re: What is the best two stoke oil to use

Ron Brown /


I thought I would jump on this bandwagon, especially as you will be gone for 4 days and can't disagree. : )

Actually, I think I am sort of on your side, even if you did post this:

"If you're like Fred and Ron,you're satisfied with what you're using and there's no proving them wrong."

Personally, I like being proven wrong, it means I just learned something new and that makes up for some of the things I am forgetting.

I have a friend with a small Chevy van, has a V6 I think. He has used Mobil 1 since 10K miles and changed oil and filter every 10K miles. Given that I believe in 3K oil changes with dino oil, he is spending about the same amount of mony as me and saving time. I watched him do his 240K change, no oil had been added since the 230K change and the oil he drained out looked almost as clean as the oil I put in. The engine has never been worked on since new other than plugs and other peripheral stuff.

I know that modern engines are better and I know that modern lubes are good but this really impressed me.

On the other hand, I, like Fred, am not seeing any appreciable wear on the engines running dino 2 cycle so why switch?

Do you have any 2 cycle specific comparison info that is not published by the manufacturer?

Btw, does your favorite chain saw manufacturer recommend synthetic?


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