How to clean carb ?

I was looking at my manual and it says to clean the carb if it needs it.... only it doesn't explain how to clean the carb ! I know you can take a carb off the motor and soak it, if it's real bad dirty.... but if it's not too dirty or acting up can you just somehow spray some cleaner in it ? I thought that maybe if I unscrewed the top of it where the cable runs into the carb that maybe I could squirt some cleaner into the carb that way ? I've an Avanti moped.

Re: How to clean carb ?

Go to the resources section of this website. Look under articles, and then look at Fred's Guide. There, you will find complete instructions! You have to be really careful not to loose anything, if you are going to take the bowl off the carb.

Re: How to clean carb ?

Jimmy,if you haven't had the Avanti too long and you've run it occasionally,you might not need to clean the carb.IF IT AIN'T BROKE,DON'T FIX IT !!! Are you sure it's dirty?

Re: How to clean carb ?

the dellorto carb is easy to clean, so it'a good idea to get used to working on it.

to clean a dellorto carb

switch of your fuel valve.

then unscrew the carb from the manifold and slide it out. it now dangles.

remove the plastic airbox. pry out the metal screen. squirt some carb cleaner all over it. look inside the carb. does it look dirty? spary carb cleaner in there.

turn the carb over. unscrew the two smaller screws on the float bowl. some gas should pour out over your fingers.

look at it, see if it looks dirty. give it a squirt or two of carb cleaner for good measure.

unscrew the gold main jet. hold it up to the sky and see if you can see light come through it. give it a squirt of carb cleaner just for good measure.

now, unscrew the top two small screws and slide out the throttle cable. look at it. does it look dirty? squirt some carb cleaner in there. shake. let it all drip out. squirt some more for good measure. reassemble in reverse order.

ride your slightly faster moped around town.

Re: How to clean carb ?

Thanks for the tips Minguel !

I don't know if the carb's dirty yet , I was just reading the owner's manual which said that after 1000km you should clean your carb...... The air filter was not dirty at all when I took it off...... well, I'm about to get a speed kit put on my Avanti, so the carb will be changed anyway,a larger one put on....that will give me a good chance to look at the original carb, take it apart and practice cleaning it.... I won't care so much if I go over 40mph or not,but I do city driving and need an extra boost at the redlights and on the hills.....

How well do you think that gas-additive carb cleaner stuff would work if added to these moped gas tanks ?

Re: How to clean carb ?

i've been told not to waste time on the gas additives. but i don't think they'd hurt. check what others say, though, first.

also, be sure if your avanti is new not to run it too fast during the breakin period. keep it steady for a while.

cleaning the carb is easy ... it takes me about 5 mins tops (from start to riding again). it can be done w/ a pocket knife, the dellorto is so simple.

what speed kit are yuo getting? be careful w/ the 70cc and even 60cc kits ... i've heard too many bad reviews. but a larger carb, manifold, and performane exhaust should get you around 40+ mph. i have a 15.15 carb, 14mm carb, and polini exhaust and my bianchi does at least 40mph. oh, i also have an 11-tooth sprocket.

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