Tomos Carb????

I took my carb off my tomos targa lx to clean it and change the jet, but now i dont know where the throttle cable hooks up to in the carb and how it hooks up to it. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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Is it a Dellorto?

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Ron Brown /


Thread the cable through the carb top, then through the return spring. Compress the spring and slip the cable end into the keyhole shaped slot in the base of the slide. When you slide the cable to the narrow part of the slot the nipple will pull into a recess and stay there.

Now you can put the slide back in the carb and fasten the top back on.


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Thanks alot for responding, i did that and it worked perfect. ive never ridden a quicker moped before. hits 38 on flat ground with a biturbo.

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Crisis--cincinnati /

That is a good top end speed. Not too fast, just enough to get out of a hairy situation with crazy motorists.

Cable thru spring?


I don't think its like a Jap carb (cable thru the spring)... When we messed with Ree's carb a while ago... thats what I assumed (and did) at first... then the more I looked at it and fiddled with it... I determined that the cable is supposed to be outside of the spring (towards the front of the motor).

...hey... they're Italians!

Re: Cable thru spring?

Ron Brown /


Thanks, maybe that will help Matt if he has a problem.

Surprising because all Motor cycle Del Orto's I have worked on had a full size spring.

Good reasons for using a smaller spring:

1. When you are pulling the slide it can cock to one side and launch the spring into the least accessible place, maybe even a parallel universe.

2. The lower weight will reduce the inertia of the slide assembly allowing you to snap the throttle opon faster when doing burnouts.

3. Saves money by using less wire to make the spring.

4. and as you said...hey... they're Italians!

: )


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