Peugeot 102SP

Gary Cheris /

<HTML>Some folks just gave my 12 yr old a Peugeot 102SP. Can anyone tell me the particulars on this model. Where can I get a manual on it. He says the carb needs adjusting then it will run. W/o specs this might be difficult. Lastly, some other guy was there when he gave it and that person seemed to really want it, like it was valuable or something. It's dirty but cleaned up it should look pretty good.


RE: Peugeot 102SP

Shaun Strahm /

<HTML>The Peugeot 102 was really a "cheap" moped. It can be resurrected by cleaning the carb, gas tank and gas valve, provided it was stored indoors. I have manuals and parts. Call Shaun for info at Myrons Mopeds 714-992-5591.</HTML>

Re: Peugeot 102SP

how can i let my peugeot drive faster????

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