seized engine

brian looft /

<HTML> I have a Puch maxi that was unfortunately left at a friends house. The gas tank was refilled with regular gas, ran a fiew miles and returned after a couple months of storage. I recently tried to start it and it seemed seized. I took out the spark plug and sprayed in some wd-40. I got it loose but its really tight. Where do I go from here?????</HTML>

RE: seized engine

<HTML>Sorry about your misfortune. I would think at this point it would be a good idea to pull the top end and survey the damage. May need a new piston and cylinder because if I recall they have a chrome plated cylinder that can't be rebored. Good thing is that the Puch is a popular brand and parts should be available


RE: seized engine

Shaun Strahm /

<HTML>Remove the magneto flywheel cover and try to break it free by rotating the flywheel with your hands. If you cant budge it then make a holder tool that fits into the windows of the flywheel but not so deep as to damage the coils inside. Apply torque back and forth in gentle tugs with lots of penetrating oil in the spark plug hole and hope it's only seized on the top end. Shaun 714-992-5591 Myrons Mopeds. </HTML>

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