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I just bought a 1978 Puch Maxi today. I have a few questions about it. It says LEADED FULE ONLY on the tank. Will it hurt it to run unleaded threw it? Do they make any HP parts for it? ( Bi Turbo anything). Is there a place i can get stock parts from? Is there any mods i can do to it now in my garage to inprove the accel/ top speed? And any other info i should know woul help too.

Thanks a bunch fellas,

Trac Man

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

chuck russo (va) /

yes the make bi turbo's and 70cc big bore kits

and im pretty sure u can run unleaded gas in it , i think they only put that on there so people wont run colman fuel in it

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

Check out www.mopedwarehouse.com or sportsbay.com. They have both gone out of their way for getting parts to me. I never cared much for the big bore kits on my Puch, but mine is a Magnum and it didn't fit that well.....

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

before you mod out your puch ... get used to it first. learn all about maintaining it. chances are, doing those things will improve performance anyhow. after that, you'll have a better understanding of what mods will do and what you want to tinker w/.

any fuel will work, so long as you remember to mix two-stroke oil in the right proportion.

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

InfectedBootSector /


I have a 78 Puch Maxi to... I can help you out if needed. I have parts manuals and all kinds of other reference materials.... How do you like it so far?

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

O its great.

After i cleaned it up and polished it it really looks brand new. It sat in the guys garage for years. Ands i bought it today from his yard sale. Its a fast little thing. its a Puch Maki Luxe 1.5hp Hight Tourque model. On flat it will do about 27 mph. I just want some more speed outta it, so cars dont blow my me as fast.Have u done any mods to yours at all? If you did what are they and how have they helpe. I read take off the piece of white hose that goes into the frame from the air filter. Did u do that? WOuld that make it run leaner?

Thanx alot,

Trac Man

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

Hey man, you dont want a 2-stroke running lean, it will only burn up faster

if you want to check you can run it without oil( if your lucky it will last about 50 seconds) but it will run like hell for 50 seconds

unleaded gas came out back in seventy four so I dont know why it would have that sticker on it but ,, as a rule leaded gas only benefited the valves in a four stroke engine anyway so it shouldnt matter in a puch

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi

A simple mod for now is to cut out the baffles in the exhaust.

Loosen the bolt near the stator cover, remove the bolt that holds it to the frame, and then remove the nut in the end of the exhaust pipe. Now you can remove the exhaust. Make a note of where the outer piece tightens onto the inner piece (baffle).

Now measure 3-4 inches from there on the inner piece to the rear and cut it off with a hacksaw.

If you don't have the $ for a Bi-Turbo right now this will give you a little more power and top-end.

You can also remove the guts and drill a couple of holes in them for better flow but do NOT drill any holes on the plates near the rear of them.

After this.....going up a jet size or two can help as well.


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