Gas additive

Any problems with running premium gas or using a little octane booster additive?

Re: Gas additive

What's your compression ratio? If your ratio is the usual 8+ :1 ,you don't NEED premium gas.But you can try it and if it runs better,go for it.I wouldn't use octane boost unless you know you have higher than normal compression though.I've found that premium hasn't helped any and actually cuts my performance on some `peds.Just run out the gas you have and put in a quart of premium mix and try it.Note what your acceleration does on the flat and compare your hill-climbing capability.The main thing with gasoline is stay away from ETHANOL blended gas and use QUALITY gas like MARATHON or SHELL.A lot of the other companies don't have enough pride in their products to keep them from buying from lesser suppliers.A company like Marathon has surprise `spot-check' vans with testing equipment to assure no station is obtaining inferior gas from another source.

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