new 50cc Bonneville records

Well... its not mopeds (sorry).. but there were 2 new 50cc records set this year at Bonneville.

They were set with a Yamaha YSR50 with a 'sidecar' on it at 37mph(gas) and 39 mph (fuel).

These are slow speeds because almost nobody has ever tried this class.

Here are a few pics.

<IMG src="">;

<IMG src="">;

a pocketbike

<IMG src="">;

and ummmmm....I don't know what class this guy is in!

<IMG src="">;

Re: new 50cc Bonneville records

Reeperette /

50cc...37Mph ?

Lemme rig up my Targa...I'll whoop dat record into da ground.


Re: new 50cc Bonneville records

You reckon that salt slows `em down? I've always heard if you put salt on a bird's tail it slows him down so's you can catch him. (8^)

Re: new 50cc Bonneville records

Maybe... but maybe not.

Bonneville is up at 4300 feet above sea level.. and you automatically lose 20% of your HP... and you have the added aerodynamic drag of the 'sidecar'.

And the salt surface is a leeetle bit soft and causes some slowing.

But I will agree that anybody who was serious could take that record away without too much trouble.

That is why this guy got the record... it was previously only 31 mph.

would salsa work too?

wait... that might make'em harder to catch!

Re: new 50cc Bonneville records

Shit my little targa could whoop it's ass with stock parts. I can do 50 easy with b-turbo and it bottomed out at 42 with stock. Large hills are good for your break in period.

Re: new 50cc Bonneville records

i have a piaggio 50cc,used to do 30mph now it does 55mph, 45mph up a slight incline.........why did he need the side car!!!!!

Not so fast Ben

The 50mph indicated on your speedo is probably only 45 or 46 in reality.

Then subtract for the aerodynamic and rolling drag of the sidecar... maybe 41 or 42 mph

Then subtract for the 20% of horsepower that you lose because you are at 4300 feet altitude... maybe 35 or 36 mph

Then subtract a little for the softer than pavement salt... maybe 34 or 35mph.

It is not as easy as you might think.

And to PEEWEE who asked "Why the sidecar?"

the speed records for 50cc WITHOUT a sidecar are all up at 67 to 77 mph

So he looked at the 50cc with a sidecar (31mph) and thought it was an easy way to get a world record

He was right.

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