which is it?

i have a 78 honda. it says "hobbit" on the side decals. on the plate on the front fork it says "pa50" and above that is a sticker that says "pa50 II". how can i can what exactly it is. and what's the difference between those?

Both..haha.. or all three!

I have one also... It says Honda Hobbit on the gas tank.

the registration plate behind the headlight says PA50I...1978

I just call it a PA50...(I add the "I" if somebody gets technical)

It seems odd that yours is also a 78 but says PA50II... I thought PA50II's came in later years.

If you go to buy parts... ask for parts for a 1978 PA50II.

PA50I's did 21mph... PA50II's do about 29mph... I know the cylinder and reed valve are different... and maybe the variator too.

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