how do I add a kill switch?

<HTML>I have a '66 CM91 Honda (Like a cub or passport) and it was made before the days of a kill switch. I put grips on it from a '85 spree and wired up the turn signals and all, and I want to hook up the kill switch but I'm not sure what wires I should hook it up to. Help!</HTML>

RE: how do I add a kill switch?


Usualy the kill switch is an intentional short circut. It generaly conects a "hot" wire with a ground (the handle bars) shorting out the ignition. There maybe a black wire running up the handle bars to about the throtle grip. Try touching this wire to the handle bars with the engine running, it should cut out in a second or two. BE CAREFUL it may shock you or cause a small spark. You should probably check a manual before installing a switch though.

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RE: how do I add a kill switch?

Shaun Strahm /

<HTML>Unfortunatly the Honda 90 series of bikes were battery ignition and require a normally closed kill switch (one that is closed to run) while the magneto Hondas and most other small bikes require a normally open kill switch (one that is open to run). A good mechanic can wire a series switch from the black wire but it is not an "easy" thing to do, and the handlebar switch is not normally available. </HTML>

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