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jeff vogt /

"I want to make my pa50 into a chopper, I was wondering where to get big chrome handle bars. I'm also interested in other modifications, or if anybody wants to ask questions about my moped I'd like to talk. My moped is in process of restoration,it includes: chrome pipe from 80cc yamaha, fully powder-coated frame fenders tank etc, high polished head, etc."

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"<p>yea..i got a 83 pa50..its cool..bought it this summer for 200..its runs great..I am modifying it now...puttin a sport modypiston and boring the engine,,you have any suggestions for me?what is a chopper<p>"

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Paul Forsyth /

"<br>hey Jeff, great idea! i've been wanting to convert<br>my moped into a chopper for a while. i don't know<br>where to get, or how to make the forks. any <br>suggestions? i would love to see yours do you have<br>any pictures on the net?<p>for handlebars a quick fix could be a handlebars<br>off an old bicycle (one from seventies with banana<br>seat). they're big and shiny.<br>good luck."

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: I don't have any pictures on the net just yet but I'd like to get some posted here. I don't have a digital camera or a scanner. What type of moped do you have? any pics?<p>

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Re: pa50 chopper

Matt Scognamiglio /

<br>I was wondeering if there was a bore kit or a speed pipe for my honda pa50. And if a yamaha 80cc<br>pipe would fit on my moped.<p><br> Thank You <p>

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Barbu from Sweden /

Hi there!

500cc choppers ideas and pictures?

Check it out here

Good luck building it!

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