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That bike is junk,Scott! Sell it to me! Just kidding! Remove the petcock valve and plug the outlet hole of the tank.Remove the tank and pour in a quart of solvent or kerosene.Pour in about a half carton(comes in like a milk carton) of BBs.Put a piece of plastic over the fill hole and replace the filler cap.Shake the devil out of it.Drain kerosene and repeat as necessary.If it's REALLY rusty,which I've never seen a Sebring with a rusty tank before,pre-soak it with a Muriatic acid diluted to 3 parts water,one part acid or use phosphoric acid.Then rinse and do the above with the BBs.Watch out for your eyes when dealing with acid! Wear goggles and gloves and keep a water hose next to you.Don't put the gas tank cap on while you're doing the acid soak.........ON the gas supply problem;you have or are supposed to have ,a filter on the gas petcock and a filter under the banjo at the carb..Putting a good in-line filter between these 2 is really a good thing to do also.I use a paper see-thru from Auto-Zone.NOTHING gets thru that paper,like it will the mesh type.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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