I had no idea

there were so many scooter manufacturers!!! I bought a Hyosung, which again, I had never heard of until I got a dwi, I'll lose my license next month, and a brand new scooter is less than my Insurance will be. but I have been online trying to find ways to speed up my scoot and there are literally thousands of sites for mopeds and scoooters, the big problem is in America scooter/moped riders are drunks or kids, but in other countries they (scooter/mopeds) are major vehicles, ie a vespa owner in england is like a Harley owner in the US and most of0 the site I've found that know what a Hyosung is , are in foreign languages, but I gotta tell ya,,,, I love this thing! When I get my license back, I'm looking seriously at getting a new Honda Silverwing, have you guys seen this thing? its a twist and go 650 scooter!!

Re: I had no idea

Trust me dude, not everyone in America, that drives a moped is a drunk or a kid.

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Ron Brown /

and not everyone thinks a Silver Wing is a scooter.

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hey fellows, I didnt mean any offense, it was a general overview, in fact thats what the guy said when I bought it, if your on a scooter its cause you lost your license from drinking, I see now that there are lots of students and other folks on them


Re: I had no idea

Wow, in my state, NJ, a drunk can't ride a scooter either...has to be registered as a motorcycle and you have to have a motorcycle license.....cripes, even any kind of a bicycle with a helper motor has to be registered as a motorcycle also....I wish someone with a brain was making the state laws here.

Re: I had no idea

if you had your license suspended because of drunk driving ... then you SHOULD NOT be allowed to ride a motorcycle, scooter, or moped (or tractor or other vehicle). at least not on public roads. so, yes, i agree w/ those jersey laws in this instance.

i ride a moped because i prefer mopeds to cars. probably the same reason most people ride motorcycles ... we like to be in the immediate context of our environment. and mopeds are more user-friendly and environment-friendly as well.

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