What is a Puch Magnum ?

<HTML>I have been offered a Puch Magnum childs trial bike at a good price but i can't find any details about it.

The owner can neither tell me the year of manufacture.

Is this model still made ? if not , over what period of time were they made, and when was the last one made.

Are spares easily avalible ?

where can i find a picture od one ( pref on the net)

Any help appreciated

Fred (UK)</HTML>

RE: What is a Puch Magnum ?

Simon King /

<HTML>it is a puch moped that has a top tank, and is rather large in size. here is a photo of one from the moped army gallery. It is a 1978 Puch Magnum MK2

<img src="http://www.mopedarmy.com/gfx/gallery/1978PuchmopedMagnumMKII_large.jpg"></HTML>;

RE: What is a Puch Magnum ?

Shaun Strahm /

<HTML>The Puch Magnum X mini-bike had 10" rims and a Puch moped 1-speed motor with a 15mm Bing Carb and 3.5 Hp . It was strictly an off-road model sold around 1982 or so. Many parts are the same as the 2.0hp mopeds. This machine I've only seen once or twice out of thousands of mopeds. Shaun, Myrons Mopeds 714-992-5591.</HTML>

RE: What is a Puch Magnum ?

thomas larsen /

I used to own one, most engineparts, bearings, hubs, brakes, fits directley from puch maxi.

its quite easy and rather cheap to keep it running, various trim kits from mopeds will fit too, i fittet a 10,0 hp trim kit form a monza on mine, and it went like hell.

I only wish i had driven around that bloody tree.--------------------------.

Anyway, i am looking for one too for my son, so if you get tired of it, mail me.

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