I'm starting to get a little freaked out about this whole anthrax thing. Only one person has died, but still.... I think maybe its time to invest in a gas mask and only use E-mail....

Re: Anthrax

InfectedBootSector /

Don't panic dude... it's not as bad as it seems. When the media catches on to something like this, it is bound to seem larger than life.

I'm sure that snail mail is perfectly safe...

Irresponsible media BS has you PARANOID !

What a bunch of PURE CRAP !!!

Why don't you do some quick research ???

How many people die PER DAY in car accidents? 200? 400?

How many are murdered per day ?? 100? 150?

I don't see you all worried about THOSE!

Only one oerson has died... and nearly everybody who has been exposed is going to be FINE !!

And here they have people like you running around like scared little chickens.

The media is a PIECE OF SHIT!

They are a bunch of irresponsible screaming children with no sense of responsibility... or brains for that matter.

And if YOU used your brain... you would toss this crap off for what it is.

its ....... STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID !!!!!

stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

Re: Irresponsible media BS has you PARANOID !

Maybe I am over reacting, but one of the things I've learned in life is better safe than sorry. You wrote:<Only one oerson has died... and nearly everybody who has been exposed is going to be FINE !!>

Yes, NEARLY everybody is going to be fine. Not EVERYBODY. That means there is a chance (no matter how small) of an outbreak, or of someone I know (or even me!) contracting it. I dont like that .001 percent of a chance (murphys law and all..). And I don't appreciate you saying that I'M not using my brain. I prefer to be prepared for a situation before it is too late (and I do realize how incredibly small the chances of an outbreak are, but the fact of the matter is THERE IS A CHANCE OF AN OUTBREAK!!!!!) I guess I would rather have a gas mask stashed away and never have to use it than waking up one day, realizing I need it and not having one.

What do you mean outbreak ??

Outbreak ??

What do you mean outbreak ?

You do know its not contagious...... right ?

Here is what is stupid...

there are hundred of diseases that ARE CONTAGIOUS... and that you have a greater chance of "catching"... and there are actually many people who have those diseases RIGHT NOW... but because you have never heard of them because they have been around for hundreds of years and are not A REEEALLLY BIG NEWS STORY right now... you are not worried about them... are you ?

You do know that you are something like 500 times more likely to be killed by lightning today than you are to breathe in Anthrax... right ??

So what are you doing about the LIGHTNING CRISIS today????

Re: What do you mean outbreak ??

Oh, sh*t....lightning crisis? Should I sell my moped now that I can't go outside?

'Tree falling on my head' crisis is worse

If you live in a forest... hell... I walked my dog in a forest yesterday... but I am a badass risk taking tree defy--ing sumbitch!

Re: What do you mean outbreak ??

When you have people sending anthrax through the mail, your chances of coming in contact with it increase.

What about the lightning?

You are something like 500 times more likely to get hit by lightning than you are to breathe in Anthrax spores.

What are you doing about that?

And do you also know that you have to breathe in 8000 spores into your lungs befor they have the strength to 'infect' you?

And are YOU personally a target for terrorists John?

Did you send a lot of hate mail to our buddy Osama ?

Or maybe an order of ribs?

Re: What about the lightning?

I am far more worried about an incident at the CDC in maryland. That's where they store all kinds of nasty viruses. Much worse than Anthrax bacteria.

In my mind, I'm more concerned with an 'incident' at the CDC research center. Anthrax is nothing compared to what they are cooking up.

One worker brings a super-flu out, accidentally, and suddenly, Anthrax looks like a day at the beach.

One thing about Anthrax, though-- you can't 'destroy' the building, or more people get Anthrax. You can't effectively clean the spores.

I know for a fact there is an Island off the coast of scotland, called "Gruinard Island" better known as Anthrax Island.

It was 'started' in the 60's. Every few years, the authorities drop off some sheep to see if the spores all over the fenced in island are still active.

After 40 years or more, the island is still deadly, fenced in, and crawling with anthrax. I think the NBC buildings may be similar problems.

And if you like to worry, read about "Sarin" the nerve gas-- Nerve gas is way more scary. Ever spray a bug with Raid and watch it fall dead, in mid-flight? That's nerve gas in action, and yes, it works the same on humans.

Re: Anthrax

gimmyjimmy /

A gasmask won't help you unless you wear it ALL the time, you might as well wear your underwear on your head.....and if you do that, you should run around the neighborhood and holler "trick or treat" might get something besides anthrax.

Stay calm, those scumbags are trying to create panic, and the "breaking news media" are not helping either.

Re: Anthrax

I'll tell you what....I'm more worried that the guy I just shook hands with didn't wash after going to the John. There's a helluva greater chance of getting REALLY sick from someone who can't wash, then there is of EVER getting Anthrax. Look back in your many cases of the FLU or really bad colds have you had???? many times have you died of ANTHRAX!!! PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT OF THE TV AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Anthrax

hahaha.. Richard says >.... "how many times have you died of Anthrax?"

....NONE.... dang it! ......... but I have died from the flu 3 TIMES !!!!!!!!!


I like your answer Richard... and agree with you totally

(I just thought that part was hilarious)!


Reeperette /

Bloody lifestyle's far more likely to kill me than Anthrax.

Oh, and while it's in mind, mosta the folks pushin gas masks are doing so cause the damn things are junk they can't seem to sell at survivalist auctions cause all the real paranoids know how useless the damnall expensive things are.

I worked security for a chem plant before, and in truth you get far better protection from industrial safety equipment of the right type, which is far cheaper than war relics which ARE relics cause they ain't effective against such threats any more.

You wanna go all-out on that front, buy a damn industrial respirator with a filter of smaller micron-diam than anthrax, duh - and most masks as far as I know won't do the job....but then, if yer that into paranoia, might I remind you the tinfoil hat yer using to block the mind control beams might attract lightning on a bad day ? has risks, you know.

You stand a far better chance of gettin the ole infamous Ed McMahon check&visit than you do a bio-letter-bomb, and unless you've personally done something to really piss off Osama (like slept with his sheep or somethin, I dunno..) I just don't see the need for such panic over the situation.

Me, I'll still fly, if the Gov doesn't get too friggin far into my business when I do, which I consider WORSE than any form of terrorism....and I still check my mail and piss on Osama and his little horde of dillwads...

You wanna hijack a plane imma on ?

Best kill my ass first, cause I'll do fer you the first chance.

You wanna mail me somethin dangerous ?

Best hope it kills me quick....before I get to you....

They want us to fear, and I plainly, utterly, REFUSE to be afraid of em...fuck it, best they can do is kill me, whoopty, life has risks.

To live in fear, is not to live at all.


Re: Irresponsible media BS has you PARANOID !

You probably have a better chance of getting struck by lightning, than dying of Anthrax.

Re: Anthrax

Hi,John! I understand your anxiety if like Fred says,you haven't stopped to look at the Anthrax situation `in cold blood'.Get a grip and DON'T let the panic inducing media tear you up.I remember when I was 8 yrs. old that with good reason I was really afraid of the Russians causing a nuclear war.Then at 10 yrs. old,the cuban missile crisis.Times were TENSE !My mother wanted Dad to build a fall-out shelter,but we rented and couldn't do it. Since Reagan ended the `cold war' the media has been starving for something to RAVE about.The media has it's place,when not trying to `out-sensationalize' each other for ratings.Just remember as these guys said,there are many other dangerous things to worry about.Driving a moped and `watching out for the other guy' being among them.

Re: Anthrax

Ron Brown /

I can't believe that someone who rides a ped in traffic is worried about anthrax, don't you know the rubber tires protect you...or is that against lightning.

Anyway, congrats Fred on learning to use the cut and paste function to produce all those stupids. : )

And Ree, how can I tell if it was one of bin Laden's sheep and what am I going to do for fun this Saturday night? Should I hang up my wellies til they catch him?


Re: Anthrax

gimmyjimmy /

Here's a way to keep them spores outta your nose.(see attach.)


Re: Anthrax

He must come from a land with a lot of polecats! Very efficient.

Re: 20,000 Dead!

Last year 20,000 people were killed by a virus.

The holocaust can continue this year!

That virus: The Flu.


Re: Anthrax

brian cincinnati /

just ride and enjoy life. ride or die.

Re: Anthrax

yep, the media/govt is totally overreacting. someone is probably mailing anthrax ... but that's just a minor drop in the bucket. if i really wanted to spread anthrax around (and i don't) i'm sure i could think of ways to spread it to more people more quickly. i think some ass (or copycats) is/are just trying to mess w/ people's heads.

Re: Irresponsible media BS has you PARANOID !

Guess what ? One of the anthrax cases has been narrowed down to a mailbox a few hundred yards from my work building ! ...there are many towel-heads in this area and in my workplace...I hope the FBI does some digging around here this week...I'm very nervous about this....I'd rather take my chances with lightning !

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