Tomos Shifting Trouble

I just got a '94 Tomos Sprint. I'm very happy with it, thus far. It started right up and rides fine, except for a slight problem shifting gears. It seems to rev too high in first before getting into second this a common problem? Anybody have any suggestiong on making the tranny and shifting happier?


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Re: Tomos Shifting Trouble

chuck russo (va) /

mine does the same thing. it reves real high to about 15 mph and i have to totally let off the gas to get it to shift into second gear. im not sure if its like that on all tomos moped because this is my first moped its a 87 goldenbullet lx

Re: Tomos Shifting Trouble

I had some guys at the local shop here look at mine when that shit happened to me. They just put in some extra oil in my fill plug. Ree would know what oil's best.

Re: Tomos Shifting Trouble

Hi There, I have a Tomos service bulliten concerning that problem, and how to fix w/pictures. Email me with your address and will send a copy. It is a matter of cutting groves in first gear clutch and beveling the drum. BUT... make sure the fluid is "NOT" overfilled and using clean Type-F Trans fluid.. Tks: Doug D.

Re: Tomos Shifting Trouble

Hey Tom, Mailing out a copy of the clutch bulliten, and also one for the exhaust to help it from stopping up.... mailing tonight. < I only use anthrax free paper> ha ha!! Doug D.

Tomos Shifting Trouble (&amp; No Anthrax)

Good to know that mail from you will have no Anthrax...'Cuz after all the plastique I sent Osama, Saddam, and Mr. Arafat in the mail, the chances of me getting a few spores in the mail are pretty high...

Anyways, thanks for your help with my Tomos problems. Hopefully the tranny fluid change will help. I'll probably try that this weekend.

BTW, I really appreciate you sending me the service bulletin stuff. Is this problem a manufacturing defect or limitation that Tomos knows about? Or is it something caused by engine/transmission wear?

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Could just sand it a hair.

Reeperette /

I used to just sand em a bit when I ran into that, but also that problem can be caused by the wrong amount of trans fluid...I dunno.

I have noticed that using ATF seems to make the problem worse, perhaps due to it's different consistency.

I use 220cc's of straight motor oil, and really, have never have shift problems with any tomos other than the Silver Bullet, and that was cause one of the clutches was a bit worn.

One trick to master with Tomos is a quick wrist-flick on the throttle.

As yer Tomos approaches the shiftpoint...when you've ridden it long enough to know the exact timing of it, one ultra-quick snap to half-throttle and back will cause it to shift nearly time it right and you'll slide from first to second smooth as glass.

The key is knowing yer 'ped really well, and knowing exactly where that "breakpoint" is by sound alone.



Tom Cavnar /

Thanks for sending me the service bulletins, Doug. I really appreciate it. Hopefully I'll be able to work out this problem without too much warmer weather or when I have somewhere to work on it.

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