Now this is weird...

This has me stumped. Today when checking for a vacume leak, instead of the engine speeding up, it bogged down a bit. I want to know why. Anybody have any ideas?

No mystery here

Ron Brown /


Nice of you to tell us how you were checking for the leak. : )

Assuming you were spraying something on the carb/manifold, either the engine did not like burning what you were spraying or you are running too rich and blocking the extra air made it even richer.


Re: No mystery here

Sorry ron, didnt know there was thousands of ways to check for a vacume leak. I spayed carb cleaner on the manifold. So what you are saying is that I DO have a leak. Thanks.

Re: No mystery here

There doesn't have to be thousands... there only has to be more than 1

too many of you... leave out too many facts... too often

do you see posts that get NO answers?

thats one of the main reasons why

Re: No mystery here

Jeez guys, I'm sorry I got snappy. I've read tons of older posts, and the only way to check for a vacume leak that I've found mentioned was to spray carb cleaner or wd-40 on the manifold to see if the engine speeds up. That's why I assumed that everyone would know what I was talking about. In the future I will be sure to include as much info as possible about my problems/questions.

And I apologize for my mood, I need to go for a ride and clear my head...I really do appreciate everyone's help, suggestions, and ideas.

Re: No mystery here

Yes... but I think that scenario is wrong.

I'm not sure who said it will "speed up".

Try spraying WD-40 directly into your carburetor while the engine is running fine... I think you will find that it will tend to make your motor slow down or die

What I have usually stated is that ....if you have a CHANGE... in motor speed... then you have an intake leak.

I think I usually stated it as "if your motor speeds up or slows down" you have a leak.

I think people see..."speeds up" and stop reading.

A change in RPM is the clue.

Actually.... I hope somebody reads this today and walks out and tries it and tells us what happens by spraying it directly into the carb.

I think WD40 will kill the motor.

Re: No mystery here

Ron Brown /


I've told you a million times not to exagerate. : )

Btw, thanks Fred, well said.

Another btw, you can spray almost anything to find a leak, and some carb cleaners dont burn too well. Mostly, the liquid will fill small gaps and temporarily seal the leak, making the mixture richer.


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