E-Bay Engine

Ree, did you ever get that engine? I'm the one who pointed it out to you--I was interested to see if you evver got it shipped to you or not?!

Let me know-- I was wondering how it turned out.

Die General Motors Die.

Reeperette /

Yeah, it's in pieces all over the basement floor with the rest of the Targa.

Jerk took forever to ship it and dogged me on the cost, while refusing to negotiate shipping - neither me nor Doug will ever deal with this jerk again.

Botherin with hostile feedback all-too-often leads to telephone and Email harrassment, so I just gave NO feedback and let alla the other negative comments (in comparison) speak all the louder.

As fer the engine..werkin on it, is all I can say, but that's kinda on hold...since my roomie's employer decided that cause she's a chick they could pay her less for management than they do her flunkies...and when she brought it up ?

They fire her.....bastards.

And sure you can sue...but in the decade that'll take, well....you know, there's rent and stuff.....

So we gotta handle that right now, don't hold yer breath on the A35 conversion as a result.

Oh yeah, and Lemon Law is hitting snags on our deathtrap of a GM car too, especially since GM killed the Oldsmobile line in attempts to avoid legal repercussions for the 214 "known recallable defects" on the frickkin Alero.

So we might wind up without the money OR the car.....and folks wonder why I prefer Mopeds....

Piss on GM, the UAW, and all their friggin contract suppliers.

I DON'T Buy American...and this is part of why.


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