baretta 45 moped??

I need help identifying this moped. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the net. I'm looking to purchase a moped for recreational riding and found this one offered on Ebay which is located within driving distance of my home. I'm not sure if I'd be able to get parts for it or even what exactly it is because I can't find anything under the name listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


ps- It's listed as a 1979 Baretta 45, doesn't say much else, but here's a link

I need to know what sort of bike this is and if it's a decent machine partswise and dependability wise. E-mail me at YOU!

Re: baretta 45 moped??

It looks like it has a MInarelli engine which is avery common italian engine that is easy to find parts for. If it does in fact have a minarelli, you will find it very easy to maintain, and very dependable.


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Re: baretta 45 moped??

more info: the seller e-mailed me back.....the moped is made by an Italian company called picolli motor for baretta. They also have this step through which I'm becoming more interested (cheaper) is this a bike parts would be available for? Right now it runs, but needs the carb cleaned and probably a new chain. Where can I get this. Thanks.


Thanks Dan for the reply!


Re: baretta 45 moped??

Paul,I was looking at that same bike and it REALLY resembles my COSMO Colt.If it is nearly the same bike,it may have a 2-speed Franco-Morini engine.That would be a good bike,but to me it lacks carrying space.I think it has a genuine leather seat.Very comfortable! Did you see where `ol MIGUEL bought that Vespa Grande out of my State.I don't blame him.I considered bidding high on it myself.If you read this Miguel,I hope it works as nice as it looks.

Re: baretta 45 moped??

I think I'm going to end up purchasing both. Because of the close proximity I live to the seller, and the fact I can pick it up they're willing to throw in the second scooter for $50 more. Two for $300 or so isn't too bad. I still need to know where to get a chain or two chains for them though. Thanks.


Re: baretta 45 moped??

You can get chain at www, or Handy Bikes (614-299-0550).Measure the length and note the I.D.# on the master link if you think it's non-standard chain.

Re: baretta 45 moped??

Ron Brown /


If it needs a pedal chain, a standard 1/8" bicycle chain is usually the same, pick one up at WalMart, Kmart or wherever.

The drive chain on most peds is a 3/16" bicycle chain. If you ask at your local bicycle shop and he does not have one, ask him to look up a BMX chain, these are made in 3/16".


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