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I just bought a 512 megabyte memory chip for my computer. It was only 79$.

Just a heads up for any geeks out there-- this same chip was 1200$ a year ago.

I've got almost 800 meg of RAM in my machine now. That's sick.

If you're thinking of an upgrade, I don't think there's ever been a better time to buy memory. Also, the reason it's so cheap is because the market is flooded with chips. As soon as the supply shrinks a littlt, these 79$ chips will shoot back up to 400 or 500$



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SteelToad /

Supplier please ??? That is a nice price :-)

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I actually picked mine up at a local dealer (gorham Micro in Maine). He was able to match the mail order price.

Good luck! Let me know what you get. I'm still in shock at having that much memory-- Games run awesome and I can have tons of open applications.

I've been keeping all the stuff I use daily in a 256 meg "RAM Disk" so anything I need is kind of 'lurking' in memory.

So, when I run internet explorer, it doesn't need to 'load' from the hard drive-- it just runs from memory---

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Reeperette /

Hey Wayne ?


Ok, now I feel much better.

<--Still on his P-120, 32Megs, Matrox (original) Video Card.

I couldn't fit one of those 512's even if I had one.


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This is really off topic..but being a nerd I have to contribute.

The price per megabit of ram is acually lower than the price per megabit on hard drives...pretty soon they will replace those old hard drives with like, mabie 50 gigs of "ram" to be used as storage instead of old hard drive platters, thus also increasing the speed tremendously.

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Steve-- I agree, computing (in the next 5 to 10 years) is going to explode. They're trying to capture higgs bosons-- and making huge advances in optical/quantum calculating- that sounds like jargon, but it is BIG news.

I read that they've successfully frozen a photon in a distinct temporal state (with a unique temporal signature) inside a cloud of charged gas. They keep that photon frozen (actually frozen in time!!) in the cloud until the scientists choose to release it (by the means of a 2nd laser with a different wavelength than the laser which keeping the gas cloud charged up)

What does it really mean? It means they are using a cloud of gas and lasers to do a series of "off" "on" statements. That's basically a quantum computer, doing the kinds of calculations they did with rooms full of vacuume tubes.

To paraphrase: The scientists are using a quantum computer to do basic binary calculation. That's a whole different ballgame than actual "quantum" computing, but it is a huge step.

And I think I speak for all the regulars when I say that the only thing "off topic" is a shitty attitude. We talk about good times, bad times, mopeds, and lots of other things. The Moped Army BBQ's are an example--- it's about mopeds, but a whole lot more.

We talk about where we work, who we are, and a lot about fixing and buying and modifying mopeds. Mopeds are the best-- and this is a Moped forum. I enjoy and appreciate the advice and experience I gain, vicariously, through this forum.

Anyway, I think even Simon must enjoy the wide variety of information, No matter what we post here, it somehow links back to Mopeds--As long as it's sincere.

Except for the "vandals" we had here several months ago, I think this forum is always "On-Topic"!

I use the extra RAM to store MP3's to make better tapes to play in the stereo I connect to my amp on my moped! So, you see, the moped is right there in the mix!

(get it?? Mix? )

Anyway-- post your computer info-- . I married a girl who knows more about computers than I do, so we really do some cool stuff. I posted a few pics of our setup a while ago, if you want to check em out. Someone even posted some pics of their booming speakers they bought for their entertainment center!



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