an idea

People are constantly posting stuff like "how can I make my ped go faster" and so..

Maybe someone (fred maybe?) would be kind enough and write an article about the main things one could do...

whaddaya think? there some 2-stroke bikes irc channels out there ?

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yes there is a "50cc Automatic Scooter general tuning guide,,, actually if you browse there are like a thousand hits for scooters, happy hunting

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Reeperette /

>> there some 2-stroke bikes irc channels out there ?<<


Channel #moped

I happen to be the Local Op on that server too, and I hates Moped-bashin, there ain't any, heh, not on that net.

Be patient if the servers being screwy, we just changed over IRCD providers and alla our stuff hasta be reloaded.


thought about it many times

thought about it many times

There are several problems with doing it.

One is that all peds are different.

So I feel that only generalizations could be given.

Also... these mods always require good communication between the speaker and the reader.. and some people won't read carefully enough... or they don't understand the terms.

Simple sketches (drawings) would be best in many cases.

Also... these mods also require useage of tools that many don't have... and skills they don't have.

And worst... the mods are typically irreversible.. so if the guy tries it and does something wrong... his cylinder is now junk.. (does he blame me?)

And some of them result in less low end performance.

And in fact these mods have already been mentioned by a few stray posters here already in the past.

There are two stroke sites on the net with the info... but most people are baffled by the info.

The basics are .... have the cyl head skimmed on a lathe to raise compression...

And alter the cylinder porting.

And put a tuned pipe on it.

And buy a bigger carb.

The hardest stuff to do correctly is the cylinder porting and head skimming... if you have a dirtbike shop in your town... go there and ask a mechanic if they can do that for you... maybe $100

Re: thought about it many times

i agree w/ fred ... i think people should get used to their mopeds first, get to know them well, before moding them out.

i, personally, was thrilled w/ my moped when it went 20mph. as i learned more about, it slowly brought it up to speed. and i learned to compensate for the changes as i did.

if someone gets their first ped and has it doing 40mph, it's (a) not as much fun (b) dangerous and (c) could cause problems down the road from overperformance issues.

Re: Oh no

I hope I'm not that stray poster.

Re: thought about it many times

Fred is right, instead of one manual, there should be a mod page where individuals could post what they did to their peds. For example, all you would have to do is find someone who has the same ped as you, then read what they did to improve their performance. Then you could decide if those modifications were right for you and your ped or not. I don't know, just an idea....

Re: thought about it many times

Rich King /

I agree w/ Fred & Vespalad, maybe Simon or someone can start a site for performance tuning here on the MP Army website. I for one have had a pretty good experience "souping up" peds. However, I wasn't looking for speed as much as I was for the increased power to pull me up the steep grades surrounding my town.

This question, how do I increase the speed of my machine", is timeless. It doesn't make any difference if it's re peds, motorcycles, cars, whatever. A dedicated site where someone can share their experiences regarding increasing speed & performance of their ped would be ideal. While I'm always looking at new options for the need for speed, there are only so many times you feel like saying to someone who asks this question, getta biturbo and a "kit". I recently had this dicussion w/a guy that runs Able Engines in Manassas, VA (he sells peds,scoots, and works on 2 cycle engines - my chain saw is in for repair). He, like a lot of people in MPA, do not recommend any mods of this nature because most of his customers don't understand "break-in periods" and 2 weeks after he installs the stuff, the ped is in the shop for major repairs either from an accident or engine failure. Rich

Re: thought about it many times

I started a site that I hope will help everyone. Mostly for the Puch (which is what I did) but it should help anyone. If Simon wants to copy and upload to this site the Puch Wiring and Things not explained in kit installations I have no problem with it.

Let me know if anything more needs to be added.


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