hi all, does anyone know anything about either the 1978 garelli super sport lx, or the 1984 honda urban express? hona has 3000 miles on it suppose to be clean only needs front brakes, and the garelli had a rebuilt engine done recently clean. both owners asking $600.00 firm. dont know much about them. any info would be great. any body have a preference on either one,or is one or the other easier to modify for more speed ? thanks.

Re: garelli

$600 is a bit pricey on either ... but the garelli (in my opinion) might be worth that much. if it's in near-mint condition and runs great, then i might drop that much for a classy moped.

if the honda needs work at all, it's not worth more than US$300 (or a bit more).

i think $300 is fairly reasonable for a running moped w/o any problems. maybe a bit more for a really rare or "dream" moped.

Re: garelli

is that model garelli valuable or a classic? how fast do they go modifyed?

Re: garelli

i'm not into top tanks, so i prefer the rally sport to the super sport. but other than looks, they're the same. a modified garelli should be able to do about 40mph or more. stock, maybe 25-30mph.

Re: garelli

My '77 SuperSport XL was clocked at 28 max. on level ground (speedo is busted).


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