tranny fluid

On a lot of mopeds, you can use standard type F fluid. I was wondering if anyone has tried something like B&M trick shift fluid? The bottle says that it will lower fricton, lower temps, etc. It does work pretty well in most automotive transmissions, What do you think would happen in a moped? Less friction- more power transferred, right?

Just figured I'd ask before I go out and try. Anyway the moped is still waiting for parts.

Re: tranny fluid

Sure,it works fine,but not on `peds that take 20W or 30W like Minarellis and Franco- Morinis.

Re: tranny fluid

The benefits you would gain probably would not justify the cost of the fluid, I'd just stick with what the manufacturer recommends and change it twice as often.

Re: tranny fluid

I guess I'll just keep it type F $2 a pint vs $6 you have a damn good piont. It probably does more in a complex transmission.

Re: $$$$ fluid

If your paying $2.00 a pint for F-Type transmission fluid I've got some land I'd like to sell you. Go to Meijers, Wallmart or Autozone and get the generic stuff, as long as it says F-Type and you don't swap brands all the time your bike won't know the difference.

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