Variable trannys

Besides scooters and the Kinetic Magnum, are there any other mopeds that have a variable transmission, or is that it?

Re: Variable trannys

XBrandon EdgeX /

Most Vespa moped are variable ratio. The grandes and SI's are all variable ratio, and a lot of ciaos are too. I think most bravos are as well. I think Peugot 103's might have been, but I'm not sure.

Re: Variable trannys

Peugeot, Kreidler, Mototbecane, Puch ( two speed ), Flandria to name a few

Re: Variable trannys

I'm sorry...I mean - being made now.

Re: Variable trannys

This is not quite what you were asking... but virtually all the 'scooters' have variomatic belt drive 'trannies'.

How many new moped models are available for sale nowadays?

(mopeds meaning 'has pedals')

4? (I don't know)

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