Decoking and Solvents

<HTML>Hello Army!

I have read about Decarburizing, Uncrapping, or Decoking 2 stroke engines for as long as I have had this Ped, and I still don't know what kind of chemical to use as a solvent. I see in the message "Cleaning Aluminum Block" the use of Acetone, White Spirit, and Polish. How about Carberator Cleaner, like in the spray can?

Also are there any "tricks" anyone knows to getting this job done? I know about Steel Wool, Wire Brushes, and special tools for scraping, but what kind of tool would this be? What grade Steel Wool?

By the way, I suppose you wouldn't get the "Like New" aluminum shine if the block has been used for any length of time anyway because the metal would change color from the heat or absorb some chemical like Carbon from the exhaust.



RE: Decoking and Solvents

<HTML> On a cast iron cylinder exhast ports I use any tool that will scrape off the carbon. just be careful not to go crazy and scratch the bore or nick the edge of the port.

On the top of the piston, I use that wonder drug W4 Diddly (WD-40) and one of those green pot scrubber pads like a ScotchBrite. They will not harm the metal. Put the WD on the carbon and let it sit for a couple of minute til it softens it up

After doing the pot scrubber number, you will see that the piston dome is very smooth. Get a little aluminum polish and polish the top of the piston to a mirror finish. After using the polish be sure to remove all traces of it by buffing with a clean rag and cleaning with carb spray. I like STP in the red spray can. Next time you decoke, the job will be easier.</HTML>

RE: Decoking and Solvents

<HTML>OK, well i'm the guy from the "cleaning aluminium engineblock topic.

well this block is at least 4 years old and has been used in a normal way.

I used acestone & white spirit to degrease it, ti'll it looks like an old aluminium piece with no dirt on it. Then I used a special tool you can fit on a dril. It scrapes a little layer of, leaving new and shiny aluminium. To protect it from oxidation, I then used a special polish, et voil

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