Custom Motobecane Biturbo

made a biturbo for my moby tonight. built from the bigger half of a 2 piece pipe, and some copper piping. It'll be done tommorw, and ill post some pics of it, and see if it makes a difference. The hardest part was getting it to work with the varialbe belt drive.

Re: Custom Motobecane Biturbo

Ron Brown /


Looking forward to hearing the results. I wondered what that would do as a motobecane pipe looks like a good 2 stroke pipe allready.


Re: Custom Motobecane Biturbo

I did something similar to create a Biturbo for my old Pacer. I took the muffler/Biturbo portion of a Tomos 2-piece and a piece of the new exhaust tube and shimmed it out and welded it to the existing tube. Tricky welding, but it worked just fine. That is, until I took a bumpy hill too fast, bottomed out and broke the welds. It took even more fun welding and shimming to make it go back together again. But it did. And it was still working when I last saw it in August.

Re: Custom Motobecane Biturbo

that sounds like total madness! I can't wait to see the picts!


Re: Custom Motobecane Biturbo

hmm, well i got it on there alright, but its not making a difference. It seems worse than before, but i was runing it without anypipe for a while, and i think i may have messed the engine up a bit. ill do some work, and get back with the results. Anyway, it only cost me $12 in copper tubing since i had half the pipe. i used the fitting that was oin the old muffle, and i used an exhaust clamp, and very long bolt, to attach it to where the old pipe was attached. Only difference is it comes out the side, but gets in way of pedals. ill try to get sum picks by tommorow

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