removing head gasket

Will removing the head gasket from my puch maxi give me much of a performance increase and will it put any extra stress on the engine? Also will I have to re-jet the carb. thanks, wal

Re: removing head gasket

Doug D. /

Hello, I removed the gasket on one of my tomos and really didn`t see much, if any, difference... but it has to raise your compression alittle, may help lower end a plug chop to see how its burning.

Re: removing head gasket

No, it won't put any extra stress on your engine and you won't have to get head gaskets for it anymore either. You may have to adjust the slide needle but you shouldn't have to rejet the carb. You'll see the most gain in power if this is done in conjunction with de-restricting the exhaust and intake and putting a 14mm carb on it. Then you will have to rejet.

Re: removing head gasket

Hey (lowercase) wal,

Should I change my name to something other than Wal seeing that there apparently is you're another "wal" on this forum for clarity's sake? Or do you want to go by some other name? Let me know.

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Re: removing head gasket

Hi there Wal,

I tell you what, I'll change my name to Walter as that is my given name. Depending on who's calling I'll answer to Walt, Wally, Wal, Walter, Walder, Wawa, Butch, hey you and a few others I won't refer to in this forum. It wasn't until sometime after I first posted at the army that I realized we shared the name. No wonder I couldn't remember being so astute in my posts... it was you,Ha!

Nice to meet you Wal.


Re: removing head gasket

Ha! Sounds good Walter... rarely do others use "Wal", so I made it as a nice, truncated version of my full name, adn figured it was unique enough to offset it from others. Ha!

Nice to meet you too.


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