<HTML>I recently was given a 1986 Daelim Trac moped that has not been used in a long time.

Need advice as to how or what steps should be taken to get it running.

I also need a fuel filter (missing). How or where can I get parts.

Thanks in advance for any help</HTML>

RE: new

<HTML>you sould change the spark plug if it isn't new, needs changing every two years. email me to know more!!</HTML>

RE: new


Make sure to clean the carburator with carb. cleaner becareful however most cleaner will eat the neoprene tip on the needle valve in the float bowl. Also you'll want to clean the plug or just replace it, make sure it's gapped properly. Before riding check the tires for dry rot they could leave you stranded otherwise.

Have fun and good luck,

john </HTML>

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