How fast does your moped go now???

Hey, I just found this forum and was wondering how fast your mopeds go?

So far, mine is running at a measly 50 mph (It's an MBK Nitro, 50cc) and I am buying new performance parts soon :) with my ultimate goal being 75 and maybe 80 mph.

So, how fast does YOUR scoot go?

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

Jamie Leonard /

My tomos will do about 75-80kph on level ground (considering its stock with a biturbo thats plenty enough for me!) Man... 80mph on a MOPED is your goal? :) Hope you wear a full helmet and leathers for when pieces start flying off! ;)


Re: How fast does your moped go now???

If you want that kind of speed, why not buy a crotch rocket? You know, a machine that is designed for those kind of speeds? (mopeds are not).

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

Exactly my point, I will design it for that speed. It is already built on an aluminum race chassis and it has dual disc brakes (hydrolic). I have a full face helmet (300 dollar one, no less. Carbon construction) and riding jacket with built in kevlar padding plus steel-tipped boots and sport race gloves. Is anybody familiar with the construction of the MBK Nitro? It's also called the Yamaha Aerox (MBK is their French division). It has nice, wide tires for extra support, awesome turning and Paoli (sp?) shocks.

Check out this link, they got theirs to do 80mph. Mine has same engine, same tires and similar rigid construction:

You can find pics of mine on this page, in case you're curious:

click on the photos section. Mine is the red one.

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

i think the mbk nitro is a scooter, not a moped. scooters can go faster than mopeds (or even motorcycles).

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

Yeah, your right. He even indicates that at the end of his post by saying, "So, how fast does YOUR scoot go?" but it is misleading by the title, "How fast does your moped go now???" and the site it was posted on. Just another attempt to lump scooters together with mopeds.

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

Dude, if it doesn't have pedals, then it's probably not a moped. Maybe you can find a Scooter website to post in. You can't really compare Scooters to Mopeds, they are way too different. A moped, going 50mph would just start falling apart after a few minutes. You would be losing parts left and right. I am happy going 20-30mph on my Puch.

Oh, they CAN do 50

Ray Andrews /

I beg to differ. I go 50 or faster almost every time I ride. And yes, it's a moped with pedals and all :-) So far the only thing that has fallen off is the bolts that hold the side plastic on, and I go through a lot of brakes. Another annoying thing is that the chain grease keeps spinning off the chain. When the bike gets repainted, the rims are going to be black

Re: Oh, they CAN do 50

Matt Wilson /

I wouls be interested to know what you guys have done to make actual mopeds go 50 mph. From what I've heard 70cc cylineders and biturbos will get up to 40mph but what's after that?

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

umm... on my license it says "Moped Operator" and most people call them mopeds. I thought there was barely a difference between the two, as most moped sites are about the same technology in general (2-stroke small engine). SORRY if it's not a moped, just most people think scooters and mopeds are one and the same. Anybody know of a SCOOTER forum then? Cause I haven't found any!

30mph to 70mph ???

What you really need to go 70 is a Euro model 'moped' that has better brakes and suspension and is built for more speed in the first place.

To take a US spec ped made for 30mph and make it go 70 is asking for trouble

(engine damage and personal safety).

Motorwise it takes a complete rework of the motor...

air filter/carb/reed valve/cylinder/piston/head/exhaust.

Re: 30mph to 70mph ???

Richard King /

Fred is right! I have a 76 PUCH w/a 70cc kit and biturbo, the ped will do 45-50 mph on level ground and I weight 235#. A lighter weight person would equal more speed.The ped has held together but you can tell that you are pushing it to the limit. Now braking is a different story. You have to give yourself a lot more distance to stop. A panic stop means two things can happen and both are bad, either an injury (aka collision or bail) or a pants cleaning operation.

My Derbi Atlantis w/a high proformance Terrigas exhaust kit runs around 65-70 mph. However, the Derbi is a scooter and can take the speed a lot better than my MOPED. Braking is a lot better too, front & rear disc's. Also the is almost 25 yrs difference in technology here too. The technology gap between older peds and newer peds is similar, new peds are more efficient than the older ones (i.e., more powerful)

If you are trying for speed on a ped, remember you've got to stop. Also remember that there are physical limits to your machine, pushing beyond those with a regular street machine could be life-threatening or fatal. Rich

Re: How fast does your moped go now???

Re: Oh, they CAN do 50

Jamie Leonard /

Actually on my 2000 tomos all I needed to hit 70kph (roughly 43mph on level ground was the biturbo (aside from that its straight stock 50cc, no 70cc kit at all) It's quite good about getting up to 60-65 then takes me a bit to get up to 75.. which is about the fastest I've ever had it.

As someone else said, the brakes aren't really up to snuff for those speeds and you need to allow extra time for braking, plus the lighter weight of the mopeds can cause a bit more wind buffeting - especially at higher speeds. On average I ride mine at 40-50kph which is fine for city driving.

Re: 30mph to 70mph ???

I never trust my speedo, so allow for a few miles over or under actual speed.

Speedo is pretty accurate

I've found that most of the speedos are pretty accurate (followed by a car) and mine was spot-on.


a moped is a 49cc bicycle with an engine and pedal's,,mo=MOTOR,ped=PEDAL'S ,they were not built for speed just to get around town a bit quicker than a bicycle,

the modern moped(scooter) has a better engine build,reed valve's,a better exhaust system,, the older one's seem to keep on going,it's quite obvious they were built to last a good number of years,modern one's part's two expensive,and the prettier they are the more chance's they will be stolen........?

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