1989 Yamaha Zuma 2

I was wondering if you guys would pay $500 for a 1989 Yamaha Zuma 2 with 8,680 miles on it. It also has a ' Super-Trap' racing muffler on it (any explination on that muffler would be appreciated). I figured you guys would be the guys to ask since you are an all-moped site.

Thanx ahead of time,


Re: 1989 Yamaha Zuma 2

chuck russo /

i dunno if thats a good price to pay because im new to mopeds but i used to have a super trap exhuast on my xr 100 and it had removable disks on the end of it to quite it down or u can make it louder im sure they did somthing other than make it quiter but i really didnt care as long as the bike worked

Re: 1989 Yamaha Zuma 2

Matt Wilson /

Hi Pete,

I have a 1999 Zuma 2 and I love it. I got it with 5500 miles and it had been crashed once. So far after 2000 miles I've had no problems. Mine goes 36mph, but if I added the exhuast that yours has, and changed the gearing weights it would go significantly faster ~50. Remeber that the Zuma isnt a moped in most states because it goes more than 25mph even though it has a 50cc. But to me that sounds like a very good deal as long as everything works. They cost ~$2100 new.


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