Magnum MKII Puch questions

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I just picked up a Puch Magnum MKII, and I came up w/ a few questions...

1) Is it correct that the air box has nothing to screen out particles except those screens (i.e. no foam or paper filter)? Is that adequate protection?

2) Does 2-stroke oil go bad? This Puch has automatic oil injection, and the oil tank is huge. There's about a quart in there from 1983 that I should probably dump out. But there's also a minimum level (also about 1 quart) that'll take me ages to burn through.

3) Is auto oil injection trusted? When I mix myself, I know what's going on. But if the oil injector goes, that's an expensive engine rebuild project. So how do I know the oil injector's functioning and injecting the correct amount of oil?



Re: Magnum MKII Puch questions

There is no foam or paper element in the air filter. Only the metal sceen that is cleanable. If it has rust on it replace it and fog it with a water dispersant like wd 40 to prevent future rust.

I would drain out all of that old oil ad replace it with a good quality modern synthetic oil. When you drain all of the oil out you will have to bleed air from the pump and lines by removing the bleed screw at the pump and allow the oil to drain though it untill all air is purged from the system.

To check the pump opperation and output you will have to disconnect the oil line from the intake manifold and plug the nipple on the manifold up. Now hook up an auxillary fuel tank that has the proper oil and gas mixture in it. You should start the engine and allow it to warm up for about 10 minutes to pruge air from the output line of the pump. You will need to run the engine for 4 1/2 minutes at 3,500 rpm and see how much oil is pumped out of the line. The correct amount is 10 cc .


Re: Magnum MKII Puch questions

Mike (MA) /

Thanks for the tips Chris. Unfortunately, I don't have a tachometer, so holding the rpms at 3500 for 4.5 minutes won't be possible. Best I could do would be to estimate. Is there some simple idea I'm missing that would make this do-able for me?



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